Get to Know Bright Blue Pools


     Bright Blue Pools is a family-owned and operated business that first started in Long Island, New York in 1952. In the '60s, owner Curtis Nelson's father would take him and his brother to work with him and have them shovel sand behind his gunite rig. Curtis has since made the trek to the Florida Panhandle, where he continues to service clients as the leader of Bright Blue Pools.

     Every pool remodeling company will make claims of being the largest, the best, and the most experienced. But are you going to make a choice based on a salesman who you will never see again? Instead, look at the truth: we have many referrals from our previous clients.

     Our workers are non-intimidating and never have any loud music blaring or other disruptive factors on the job. They are hard-working, faithful, loyal men. They're clean-cut and polite. We have a crew of about 12 employees. Three of our top plasterers have been affiliated with Bright Blue Pools for over 20 years each. Hans, who runs our mixing division, has perfected adding just the right amount of blue quartz to our plaster, helping to produce the “Bright Blue” in our “Blue Diamond” finish. In fact, Hans has been mixing for over 10 years—unheard of in this line of work! We enjoy working together and take great pride in having developed skills that produce a beautiful “Bright Blue Pool."

     We want you to be present and ask questions while we work on your pool, because you deserve to know what's going on at all times. Our mission is to always offer each client a great job at a fair price.

                                                                                      Contact us in Destin, Florida, to utilize our pool remodeling services.