Rejuvenating Pool Plastering

Pool Plastering

We begin by using a saw with a diamond blade on grinders to undercut the tile line and protect the existing swimming pool tile (if there is no new tile to install). We check the pool for loose plaster, then determine if we need to remove the plaster down to gunite or bond coat the surface of the pool.

While bond coating is the preferable way to prep your pool for plaster, sometimes the old surface is in such poor condition that all the old plaster has to be chipped off. A strong bond is needed, so we acid or pressure wash the surface before applying the bond coat.

If your pool cannot be bond coated, we use air driven handheld chipping tools to remove the existing plaster in a narrow band under the tile and around all penetrations of the plaster shell. This gives a smooth, even transition from the new plaster to the tile and other penetrations.

The Bright Blue Way

 Any other work to be done on your pool, including tile or equipment that is listed on your contract, will be done prior to the pool being plastered. We can replace tile and coping, as well as add spas or other water features if you desire, like a vanishing edge or waterfall. Bright Blue Pools is experienced and is ready to address you needs!

Our plastering jobs typically take about 48 hours from start to finish. You can count on us to do a complete clean-up when the work is completed.

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